What Are Grandparent’s Rights to Visitation in Florida

Grandparents Have Limited Visitation Rights in Florida

Florida Courts Say Parents Have a Right to Decide What is Best for Their Own Child

Grandparents have limited visitation rights in Florida. As in most states, Florida courts have increasingly followed suit with a decision made by the Supreme Court a few years ago that takes the position that parents’ right to decide what is best for their own children is a Constitutionally protected right

However, the state laws are slightly more generous in awarding visitation to grandparents if visitation is in the child’s best interest and one of the following situations applies:

A. The marriage of the child’s parents has been dissolved, or
B. A parent has deserted a child, or
C. The child was born out of wedlock.

In determining whether to grant visitation rights to grandparents, the courts consider the following:   Continue reading about grandparent’s rights in Florida.

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The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers Extends Membership to Eric A. Kay

Eric A. Kay Accepts Membership into Elite Trial Lawyers Group

Eric A. Kay continues to receive the accolades of his peers.  Kay has accepted the nomination of The National Trial Lawyers into their Top 100 Trial Lawyers Group.  As noted below, this is no small accomplishment.

According to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Group, invitees must demonstrate superior qualifications, leadership skills, and trial results as a legal professional. The selection process for this elite honor is based on a multi-phase process which includes peer nominations combined with third party research.

Prospective members of The NTL are carefully screened prior to receiving an invitation for membership. The criteria used in the evaluation process include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reputation among peers, the judiciary, and the public
  • The previous year’s achievements, settlements and verdicts as a trial lawyer
  • Board Certification as a trial lawyer or trial attorney
  • Nominations received from leading trial lawyers, current members and/or our executive committee members
  • Leadership and membership within other national and state trial lawyer organizations
  • Rankings and ratings of the attorney by established organizations.

Membership is not automatically renewed; attorneys are reevaluated annually to determine whether their activities and accomplishments qualify them for continued membership.

If you are in need of the services of an experienced and aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney, you may want to consider Eric A. Kay.  Contact:

The Law Offices of
Eric A. Kay, PA

12 SE 7th Street Suite 707
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

The Law Offices of
Eric A. Kay, PA

123 SE 3rd Avenue #252
Miami, FL 33131

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What Should You Do When You Get A DUI in Fort Lauderdale?

You Have Many Options in any DUI Case in Fort Lauderdale

Typically, a DUI investigation begins with a traffic stop, whether due to some infraction like speeding, or as a result of a checkpointwhere officers are stopping most if not every vehicle.  In some cases, a DUI investigation begins because there has been a traffic accident, whether or not the person being investigated is at fault.

What happens during a DUI investigation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?   When an officer first makes contact with you, he or she is trained to make certain observations to determine whether further investigation is warranted.  This includes:  Please continue reading What You Should Do When You Get a DUI in Fort Lauderdale here.


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A Step-by-step Guide to the Criminal Law Process in Florida

You’ve Been Arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Now What Do You Do?

A person is arrested in Florida based on an officer witnessing a criminal act, or as a result of a criminal act being reported to law enforcement.  The officer generates a report known as a probable cause affidavit setting forth the charges upon which the arrest is based, and also includes a short statement of facts which form the probable cause for each offense.

See our comprehensive video on Criminal Law Process in Florida here.  Or read the transcript here.

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