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Eric A. Kay

International Legal Consulting

If you are currently buying products or services from another country, selling your products or services to a business in another country, or entering into financial dealings that cross national borders, it is likely that these transactions will be subject to the laws of a foreign jurisdiction.

Likewise, when you or your business enters into an agreement or contract with an offshore individual or other entity, your ability to enforce that contract and/or the enforcement measures available to the entity with whom you have contracted may be governed by the local law of that foreign jurisdiction.

It is important to remember that subtle differences in law can have far reaching effects on your business. Some countries have little or no interest in protecting your intellectual property claims, and/or make little or no effort to interfere with pirating of your products, ideas, or creative content. You may also run into problems with regard to shipping documentation, customs clearance, insurance, tariffs and other assorted issues that can function to delay the receipt of goods or even create a potential default in your agreement through no fault of your own. You may also be subject to local licensing and registration rules based on the type of business you are engaged in.

At the Law Offices of Eric A. Kay, we have an extensive network of legal contacts in foreign lands. Whether you are an attorney working with a business and seeking to gain compliance with foreign law, or a business owner that is concerned with having all the protections available in foreign transactions, we are ready to help you build a team of professionals that will help you operate legally and protect your rights. Our network includes lawyers, accountants, and other professionals in places such as South America, Asia, and the Middle East. We have been involved in foreign transactions in a diverse array of industries, including petroleum services, real estate development, foreign licensing, commercial registration, media services, sales and marketing, nightlife and entertainment, medical accreditation and staffing, internet gaming and marketing, and private capital investment.

Let us help you to build a qualified team, suited to your individual needs. Whatever foreign jurisdiction may be implicated by your business plans, there is no substitute for obtaining quality legal and professional support from locally licensed individuals. Through our past experience, working with individuals in a variety of fields and jurisdictions, we can help you to obtain the compliance and protections required.





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