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Eric A. Kay

Slip and Fall Attorney in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you have been injured as the result of some type of hazard on the property of another, the property owner may be liable for the injuries suffered. This is true whether the accident happened in a home, business, or public facility. Your injury may have come as the result of:

  • A slippery or broken floor
  • An obstacle that was concealed
  • A hole or drop off
  • A broken step or handrail

In every case of this type, there is some responsibility on the part of the injured party to have noticed the problem. This is where the facts of the case come into play. If the insurance company, judge, or jury determines that you had a reasonable duty to avoid or notice the dangerous condition, and failed to do so, your ability to collect may be limited.

However, if a homeowner, business owner, or publicly owned facility should have been aware of a hazard, and did nothing to correct it, you may be entitled to collect for your injuries. Where a dangerous condition is known to exist in a place of business or public place, there is also a duty to warn of the dangerous condition and failure to do so may be a key factor in determining liability in a slip and fall case.

An attorney familiar with the rules of slip and fall in Florida will be able to help you recall the relevant facts, determine what actions and remedies may be available to you based on the facts, and help you pursue the case aggressively to get the restitution you deserve.

If successful, you may be able to collect damages related to the accident including:

  • Medical bills for treatment related to your injuries
  • Permanent disabilities or disfigurement
  • Lost wages for time off from work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • The repair or replacement of any damaged personal property

At The Law Offices of Eric A. Kay, P.A., we will sit down with you, go over the facts of the case, and help you determine the best course of action. This is at no cost to you. If we agree to go forward with you on the case, you will pay us nothing until the case is resolved and you have been paid by the insurance company or other party to the incident.





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