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If you've been harmed by another or have a major issue with a business associate, company, family member, or neighbor, frustration, bitterness, and anger are commonly along for the ride. As a result, many who are struggling through some injustice in their life are eager to get into court, where they believe they can exact maximum revenge and retribution.

In most cases this is not going to be the best course of action, no matter how tempting it may seem. Lawsuits that lead to prolonged litigation today are very expensive, time consuming, and likely to take an emotional and sometimes even physical toll on the parties involved. For these reasons, we engage in resolution based representation that focuses on achieving your goals, rather than prolonging a contentious situation. Most of our cases are resolved prior to trial, whether through mediation or successful negotiation.

Therefore, in almost every dispute, whether the subject matter is criminal, business, family, or any other topic, the first goal is to obtain a settlement that is consistent with your best interests. Of course, the ability to settle a matter is often determined by the reasonableness of the parties involved. If reasonable minds cannot prevail, or you have an opposing party that is sticking to an unacceptable position, we are always ready to provide you with a powerful litigation team that is ready to aggressively advocate your interests before a judge or jury.

Eric A. Kay is no stranger to the courtroom. Over the past ten years, he has represented thousands of individuals and secured many victories for his clients in courtrooms throughout Florida. While litigation is often a last resort, when this happens there is no substitute for having an experienced litigator on your side. There are times when insurance companies, prosecuting attorneys, spouses, or others maintain a position that cannot be resolved without intervention by the court. While we make every effort to avoid this ultimate situation, we always work toward obtaining for you the very best results possible under the facts of your case. If you have already been served with a lawsuit, it is not too late. Call us today for a free consultation and we will help you to determine your legal options.





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